Tree Service

Trees in forestPegram Tree Service  has been offering the community of  Greensboro, NC the finest, environmentally sensitive Tree Service available for over 12 years.  We have developed a specialized service that not only handles domestic and commercial tree removal, surgery and stump grinding, but can provide professional advice and treatment for diseased trees and shrubs. In Greensboro, NC, your trees will be respectfully cared for by  the trained and experienced arborists of Pegram Tree Service.

Top level tree service in Greensboro NCOur modern equipment and trained operators can resolve any tree or shrub problems you may have. Our stump grinding process minimizes disruption to the surrounding area as well as eliminates any damage to underground pipes or electric cables. Tree removal is efficiently handled by the modern equipment of Pegram Tree Service and cleanup is guaranteed. We truly enjoy tree surgery because it not only beautifies the landscape of Greensboro, NC but enhances and extends the life of the tree. We truly understand the contribution that trees and shrubs make to Greensboro, NC. A phone call to (336) 852-0222 will quickly bring our professional and cost effective service to resolve any tree problem you face.

We are also well known with our snow removal services. If you are tiered of cleaning your yard from snow every time when snows just to go to work, then we can help you. Browse our website or contact us for more information.

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