Prepare Your House for Winter

How Can a Snow Removal Company Help Your Family

When winter comes, there are a few things you need to know about snow removal. If you are new in the neighborhood, the first thing you should know is if your street is public or private.

Man operating a snow blowerPublic streets work under the law of the department of transportation of your state, and they are responsible for plowing public roads. If this is your case, then we suggest you to have the department of transportation’s number near you for emergency cases.

Public roads usually have a route number sign at the street intersection in case you don’t have one in your street. It is most likely privately maintained. Snow removal on privately maintained roads is the responsibility of the homeowners along with the property owner association. If this is your case, then contact a reliable professional plowman.

If you live in a private residential area with private roads and sidewalks, then the best thing you can do is arrange a meeting with the other owners, and then choose the most convenient snow removal company in your area. Try to be as clear as possible with your neighbors, speak about prices, who is in charge of calling the company, and how the expenses will be divided. If you don’t trust them still, ask for the bill.

Note that most American cities are forbidden to throw away the snow on the street when cleaning the driveway or even when you take your car out. The fine when doing so and even the police department may issue citations for this behavior. If you desperately need to use the driveway or take your car from the garage, then we recommend you to contact a reliable plowman to get the job done.

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